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Online Review Facts & Stats Infographic for Business Owners

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We have compiled a few facts and stats about the benefits of customer reviews from various sources across the internet and put it into an easy to read infographic.

This infographic is a fantastically simple way to get the message across to business owners that their customer reviews are very important and neglecting to collect reviews means they are losing out on potential income.

Business owners that do not collect customer reviews are at risk in the future, what happens if you suddenly get a bad review and that is the only review people see on their internet search. Collecting reviews early makes it easier for a bad review to get diluted into a host of good ones.

A good customer review can continue to generate income for a business, for months or years to come any potential customer reading a good review will most likely be swayed to buy your product or service.

Before Eooro came along it was ridiculously expensive for a business owner to use a review collection service, in some cases as much as $400 a month, with Eooro it only costs $20 a month or $200 a year and the first month is Free.

Hope you guys find it useful, please feel free to share it on your blog or website.