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Get to the Top of Google Search with

Every business owner wants it, but not every business can afford it, but still the top of Google search results is a much sought after position.

Big companies with their large teams of specialists and huge budgets can get there, but it’s a different story for the small business owner……until now.

For the last 5 months has been running a few tests with some of the early sign ups below;

  •  The Wood Flooring Shop
  •  Sabayjai
  •  Liquid Cars Brockholes

Eooro found that within 2-8 weeks of installing the Eooro Website Widget on their website these businesses took the top spot on Google Search for their business name and the word ‘Reviews’.

Think about it, when you are deciding to use a business you input the ‘Business Name’ and the word ‘Reviews’ to Google Search.

Test our results yourself and search Google for the following and see where the businesses page appears;

  •  The Wood Flooring Shop Reviews
  •  Sabayjai Reviews
  •  Liquid Cars Brockholes Reviews

We got the below results using, but you might see slightly different positions depending on where you search from in the world.

You should see that each business achieves a top position on Googles results……amazing stuff, right.

So how do we do it....well it’s all down to good honest search engine optimization or SEO for short. 

Google likes the widget these businesses install on their own website because it has a nofollow tag. This means we don’t abuse the backlink from your website to Eooro and it shows we both have and share content that Google needs to take notice of because its relevant. The result of which gives your website a big boost in Google's search results.

Every business can achieve this with Eooro and best of all the first 6 months are free.

Follow the steps below to get to the top;

Step 1 - Add your Business to
Step 2 - Update Business Info & Enter Payment Details
Step 3 - Install the Eooro Widget on your website
Step 4 - Download our App and Start Collecting Reviews Website Widget

Once the Eooro Website Widget is on your own site you should try to collect 2/3 review per week, this keeps the content fresh and we all know search giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing love fresh content.

Within 2-8 weeks you should be able to Google your business name followed by the word 'Reviews' and see your Eooro reviews page on page 1 of the results.

Along with achieving a top position on Google you will also get those magical Google golden stars....its like seeing your name in lights.


Don't spend $1000’s of dollars when you can use to collect and promote your customer reviews and we even give you the First Month for Free.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.