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Stay Two Steps Ahead of Bad Reviews

Every business wants and needs a little validation from its customers about the products or service they sell and what better way to get this by receiving an online review.

The best thing about an online review is that you can use it for years to come to attract new customers and increase your sales because people trust other people’s opinions.

However most people only turn to online reviews to make a complaint, so it’s in a business owners best interest to stay a step ahead by collecting customer reviews in advance, so when that bad review comes in it gets diluted among the good ones.

Every business owner can avoid a future reputation disaster by getting a head start on things now. 

A Bad Review is not the End of the World

Studies show that consumers trust reviews much more if there are a few bad reviews sprinkled among the good ones, because nobody is perfect and people know this, so a few bad reviews can actually make you look more honest in the online world of reviews. 

So don’t panic if you get a bad review, think of it as a badge of honesty or reliability.

Plan ahead now by starting to collect as many good reviews as you can, so when that day comes you are prepared.

When that day does come, and it will, here are some simple steps to help deal with an unhappy customer;

  1.  Stay in Contact - Customers hate to be ignored. No matter how small of an issue you think it is it has produced a bad review which has a much larger impact on your businesses image.
  2.  Prompt Response - Resolve the issue as quickly as possible, don’t wait 6 months, deal with it immediately and the customer will appreciate it more.

You may not be able to resolve every customer’s issue, but the ones you do could end up championing your business by saying things like;

“..we had an issue, but they were great and sorted it out quickly with no fuss.”

This is probably the best kind of review you can get, as every consumer wants a reliable business that can handle and fix a problem when things do go wrong.

Its all about damage control or 'Reputation Management' as its known in the business.

Today’s consumers are more concerned about reputation than they are about price, so don’t delay, get started with collecting your customer reviews today.

It’s easy with and the First Month is Free.

Author: Gavin @ – Reputation is Everything