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Are you a business owner tired of spending hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars building your reputation and still attracting only a handful of new customers? Do even your best efforts leave plenty to be desired and leave you struggling to retain your existing users? At times, does it feel hopeless that you will ever find the right way to boost your reputation?

It’s all about offering top quality services, getting reviews and attracting new clients!

However, you are already bogged down with daily responsibilities. Expecting to be able to chase your customers for reviews isn't an easy job.

We want to offer you something incredible! Yes, you can take your reputation to a whole new level with “Eooro” – an amazing platform to skyrocket your reputation. No more writing emails or calling your customers to get feedback – we do it all for you!

With our Review Collector App and Website Widget, you will have a real chance at making a splash in the business world. As a business professional, you’re always looking for an edge over the competition and guess what? You’ve just found it!

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Author: Gavin @ - Reputation is Everything