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Profiting from Customer Reviews with

Online reviews have changed the way consumers spend their money and the great thing for businesses is that price is not consumer’s number one factor anymore, its reputation.

Businesses that collect and display their own reviews on their website are making a huge mistake and probably losing customers every week, consumers will assume these reviews are fake and here is where trust is immediately lost.

Smart business owners know they need to use an independent review collection service to help manage their online business reviews and reputation.

Even smarter businesses know they then need to capitalize on the positive spin received from these reviews and ensure they are promoted to all potential new customers. provides its users with two fantastic simple tools to achieve both these goals;

1)           Review Collection System

Input the customer’s name and email into the Review Collector (Fig 1) and Eooro will manage the collection of the review. It will save business owners hours of work every week.

Fig 1. Review Collector

2)           Website Widgets

Our widgets (eg Fig 2) are promotional tools that are installed on a businesses own website and will display the most recently collected reviews to all their potential new customers.

Fig 2. Website Widget

While many well know review websites try to capitalize on negative reviews by charging business owners a small fortune for "marketing packages" that will suppress bad reviews, Eooro works with the business to get the truly fake and bogus ones removed, all for one small monthly or annual subscription fee.

All eooro reviewers are verified by their social media login credentials and any fake reviews can be quickly flagged and removed using Eooro’s handy case management system, which lets business owner’s flag up any bogus reviews from competitors that may harm their reputation.

It’s not rocket science, a business with a good reputation will always be more successful than a business with a bad one.

So don’t delay, start building a business reputation to be proud of with

Author: Gavin @ - Reputation is Everything