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Online Business Reviews has a New Player, changes the game for small business owners.

Eooro was developed with small and medium size business owners in mind. The goal was to build a review platform that would give business owners a much more affordable review platform where they could manage and improve their online reputations and therefore help increase their sales.

The main features of Eooro is it’s easy to use Review Collection System, where instead of the business owners spending hours chasing customers for reviews, they simply enter their customers name and email to Eooro’s Review Collector System and  Eooro proceeds to collect the review on the businesses behalf.

Its second great feature is their Website Widgets, this is where business owners install on their website a widget then automatically display the recent reviews that eooro has collected.

The whole point of collecting reviews is to be able to display and promote reviews in order to gain new customers. When new visitors come to your website they are more likely to buy the product or service when they see positive reviews from past customers, it is the modern day ‘word of mouth’.

Using the platform practically automates the review collection and promotion process for the business owner.

Business reviews are a key strategy that every business must capitalize on to increase sales.

Author: Gavin @ - Reputation is Everything